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Updated: Apr 2

April has arrived, and with it, a palpable sense of change in the air. Here in Florida, we've experienced a cooler winter than usual, which has been refreshing. Despite the temptation to dive into spring cleaning, I'm holding off for a couple of weeks due to the lingering pollen season here in #melbourneflorida. As you can imagine, waiting can be difficult for a #professionalhomeorganizer.

When I finally tackle my outdoor pool area, I'll start by removing all the furniture and plants, then power wash everything for a fresh start. Inside, I'll #deepclean every room, starting high and dusting first. This year, I'm considering washing the walls—a task I haven't tackled outside of painting projects. It seems straightforward, using a mop and a bucket of cleaning solution for a thorough refresh.

My favorite area to deep clean is the kitchen. I'll begin by emptying out the cabinets, #cleaning all the shelves, and running items through the dishwasher. Then, I'll tackle the drawers, #decluttering and #organizing as I go. I'll use my trusty steam cleaner to sanitize countertops and backsplashes, leaving everything feeling fresh and clean.

Moving on to the living room and bedrooms, I'll follow a similar routine of dusting, cleaning windows and woodwork, and decluttering closets and cabinets. I'll freshen up rugs and shampoo carpets if needed, ensuring every corner of the house feels revitalized.

In the bathrooms, I'll start high and work my way down, deep cleaning sinks, faucets, showers, and toilets. My steamer will come in handy here as well, leaving everything sparkling clean and germ-free.

Don't forget about the pantry and entryway—both deserve a thorough cleaning and decluttering to start the season off right. And outside, I'll power wash the driveway and walkway, dust around walls and light fixtures, and inspect the garage door for any lurking bugs.

Spring cleaning isn't just about #tidyingup—it's about caring for our homes and belongings, ensuring they serve us well for years to come. A well-maintained home brings joy and a sense of pride every time we walk through the door.

So here's to a season of renewal and refreshment—happy spring cleaning, everyone!

If you are on the #spacecoast of Florida and are looking for a professional #homeorganizer, please reach out for a complimentary consultation.

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07 avr.

Just did the kitchen clean out and man does it feel good! Cleaned out our under stairs closet, painted, hung organizational items and decor and feels so cozy! It’s incredible the feeling you get from purging and cleaning. 😍

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