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Home Organizing
"Ruth magically organized my pantry and kitchen! I was quite nervous about letting her see my secrets. I had seven junk drawers in my kitchen, ugh. What I thought would be an agonizing day was actually fun, productive and cathartic. Ruth really loves what she does. Her passion and energy was contagious. Every time I got embarrassed or discouraged, she just told me, 'you’re doing great and you will love it when we are finished.' Never a hint of judgement or negativity.

When a drawer or cabinet is opened now, I can see everything it contains with one look. I used to have to dig through piles of stuff to find what I was looking for. No more clutter, it’s a wonderful thing.  Thank you Ruth!! Now I have a few more rooms for you to see!"

       -A.G. in Merritt Island

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Home Staging
“Ruth, I am so happy with all that you did for my listing. You were so creative, quick and professional. I will happily be recommending you for organizing, decluttering & creative economical decorating ideas!”

       -S.B. (realtor) in Melbourne, FL

Home Organizing
"Ruth has been a miracle maker in my home. Every cupboard was rammed. I was totally overwhelmed with a situation of too much stuff and not knowing where to start.

Ruth was calm, assessed my situation without judgement, gave welcomed suggestions and professionally organized my drawers, cupboards and even made suggestions on the best layout for my furniture and treasured items. Every detail was covered.

Ruth is friendly, genuine and trustworthy. She was efficient, worked meticulously and has a great eye for design that has changed my world!! If you do one thing for yourself (or a friend ), get this talented lady to organize for you! You will be your own best friend!"

       -M.B. in Viera, FL


Home Organizing
"Hey Ruth! Thanks again for today! My husband is so happy with the kitchen. He can hardly believe all the things I've gotten rid of!"

       -M.L. in Melbourne, FL

Home Organizing

"Having Ruth from Defined Spaces come organize my home helped me out on so many levels. I’m not a messy person or a hoarder, but I did have clutter. After moving into our home, we put things aside just to get life going. Every weekend, I’d catch myself saying that I’d get to my closets eventually but then “life” kept happening. Work, kids, school, sports....etc. 

My master bedroom closet and hallway closet clutter were always on my mind. How could it not be? I was in these areas multiple times a day.

When Ruth came over, I wasn’t sure what to expect. At first, I was embarrassed to have someone see all that I had shoved (not in a messy way) in these places over time and I really didn’t want anyone telling me how to keep my home.

Ruth made me feel so comfortable. She took all those feelings away within the first minute of her being in our home. She worked quickly and used my space in ways I couldn’t have even imagined. The weight that was lifted off of me when she was done can't be explained. Saying I experienced an emotional celebration is an understatement.

I highly recommend that everyone have Ruth with Defined Spaces come over and organize your space, too. In one day she accomplished what I couldn’t do for myself in years. My only regret is that I didn’t take this step for myself and my family sooner."

       -M.A. in Melbourne, FL

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Stay tuned for more additional reviews of our work at Defined Spaces. You can reach me at (240) 412-1922, or use the form below to schedule a consult.


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