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Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Here we are again in hurricane season. June to November. Let's hope we don’t see anything scary. But its always good to have a plan.

Hurricanes can cause significant damage to our homes and neighborhoods and they can pose a risk to our lives too.Its important to ensure the safety of your family and your property. It is crucial to be prepared. This blog post will guide you through essential steps for hurricane preparedness.

Keep up to date on the weather. Discuss and develop and plan with your family. This should include evacuation routes and communication methods.

Build a hurricane emergency kit. I will add mine further down so you can use it as a guide. This will include non perishable foods, water, first aid etc. Keep the supplies in an accessible location that everyone knows about.

Securing your home is very important too. Fixing broken doors and windows ahead of time will save you rushing at the last minute. You should also take the time to trim trees and bushes so that you don’t have any fallen branches and extra debris. Clearing gutters and drains is a great idea too.

Consider purchasing a generator ahead of time just in case there are power outages.

Now is a good time to review your home owners insurance and make sure it covers potential damage from hurricanes. Some properties may require flood insurance too.

You should have important family documents in a water proof container and making digital copies of them is a great idea as well.

Keep an eye out on your elderly neighbors. And perhaps offer help if they need it.

Being prepared can save lives. It also reduces stress. Knowing you have a plan can make you feel at ease. It really is a responsibility we owe our families and our community. It’s never too early to get prepared for a hurricane.

Download & print my Hurricane Checklist to help you prepare!

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